Kedai Ikan Masin, Keropok Kering 5675 is owned by Wan Mohd Zulkifli bin Wan Sulong. The company registration number under Companies Commission of Malaysia is CA0051485-W. We chooses the number of 5675 because the flat number for all business transport and phone number contain of the serial. This company at first was established at Kampung Tuan but then moved to the new location at Km10 Kuantan.

We are involve in multiple businesses which are selling salted fish, dry crackers, keropok lekor, fresh fish, and craft products and also included the restaurant for fast food. We also provided canopy rent for wedding event and any celebrations. All the business held at our shop except the fresh fish are selling by wholesale at the market (Pasar Ikan Segar Beserah). Our company has hiring 5 workers for the shop and 4 workers at the market to sell the fish. The workers are among our relatives and local villagers in Kuantan.

Kuantan known name as salt fish and dry crackers centre because fishing industries is widely done here. Our premise is located at near to the main road in Kuantan. The road is always used by the tourist. The company is also nearest to the beach where the customer can eat at our restaurant and enjoy the sea view. It is also opposite to the secondary school- Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Beserah and Beserah Police Station. Meanwhile, we also sell fresh fish wholesale at Pasar Ikan Segar Beserah. The seafood is daily foods demand that customer can buy from us in bulk. Any order can directly call to our private contact.

The customers of this company come from many places including Temerloh and Kuala Lumpur. They also have regular customer who also the local villagers that open fast food restaurant based on fish. Thus, the customer will come to the shop every day to get the processed raw fish. Other than that, this shop also becomes a tourist destination to buy the souvenir. Ikan masin is famous around Beserah because Kuantan is nearest to the beach. So, fishing is become one of the major agribusiness in that locality.